Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is a word processing program where you can create and save documents. You can use program to write a letter, a paper for a class, and create an outline  of something.

The Microsoft Word windows is divided into three main areas.

  1. Command Bar – contains icons that will create a new document, open a saved document, save a document, check the document for spelling and grammar errors, print a document and so on.
  2. Tab area – organizes all of the commands used in Microsoft Word into specialized tabs
  3. Text area – is the area where all of text is entered in creating a document.


 Create a new document

To a create a new document in word.

  1. Double click on Microsoft Word in the windows start menu
  2. Choose a blank template to create a blank document or you choose from several templates.
  3. You can start typing text in the text area.


You Tube tutorial on the other commands in Microsoft Word