Introduction to Java Programming

The java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1991.  Sun Microsystems is a computer manufacturer, who also makes the Sun Operating System.  Sun Microsystems provides the Sun Operating System for all of the computers that they manufacture.  The Sun Operating System is like the Unix and Linux Operating Systems.  The java programming language came from the project code-named Green.  The java programming language was originally named the oak programming language.  Since they was already a programming language named oak, the java programming language was suggested.  The Green project ran into some difficulties because there no was marketplace for intelligent consumer-electronic devices during the early 1990’s.  With the increasing popularity of the World Wide Web in the middle 1990’s Sun Microsystems saw it as a potential of using the java programming language to provide some nice features to the internet.

The java programming language is designed for the Internet, for programs with graphical user interfaces, and for multimedia programs.  A lot of java programs import class libraries.  Class libraries are classes, which provide methods for inputting and outputting data, methods for dealing with graphical user interfaces, methods for applets, and etc.  Class libraries are imported into a program by using the import keyword.