Software To Run Example Programs

To write your own programs in C++, Java, and PHP. You will need programs/compilers to build and compile your programs. For programming in C++ I use Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition.  Here is the link to download Visual Studio Express To write programs in java you will need a Java compiler and a source code editor. Here a link to download Java and Netbeans To write programs in PHP you will need to download either WAMPSERVER or XAMPP. Go to  to download WAMP server. Go to to download XAMP.

If you are working in a Linux/Ubuntu Environment there are some software packages that are needed to be installed to compile programs in C++ and Java. There is also a different way to install MySQL, Apache, and PHP. To install the C/C++ compiler go to the terminal and type in sudo apt-get install build-essential

To install Java in Ubuntu go to this website and follow the instructions.

To install geany type in sudo apt-get install geany.

A good editor for creating, editing, and viewing source code is Netbeans. Here is the link to the netbeans website.